Best LEGO Star Wars Day deals: Millennium Falcon $136, battle packs, dioramas, more from $7 (2024)

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Best LEGO Star Wars Day deals: Millennium Falcon $136, battle packs, dioramas, more from $7 (1)Best LEGO Star Wars Day deals: Millennium Falcon $136, battle packs, dioramas, more from $7 (2)

The LEGO Group just launched its own Star Wars Day sale ahead of May the 4th, but now it is Amazon’s turn. The retailer is offering even more competitive discounts on the latest from LEGO Star Wars and beyond, and now this week we’re seeing the biggest sale from a galaxy far, far away of the year. Shipping is free across the board for Prime members or in orders over $25. The deals this year include all of last year’s sets, some fan-favorites, and so much more starting at $7. All of the best LEGO Star Wars deals are below the fold for May the 4th.

Headlining the LEGO Star Wars Day deals is the Millennium Falcon at $135.99. It’s a fitting deal to talk about first given just how iconic this starship is, and now you can drop the price from its usual $170 going rate. This is 20% off, the first price cut in 2024, and an all-around rare chance to save at within $6 of the best price from last year.

This 1,351-piece set assembles the most famous ship from the Star Wars universe, bringing the Millennium Falcon straight out ofThe Rise of Skywalker. While it might not be as massive as theUCS version, this build measures over 17-inches long as well as12-inches wide, and comes complete with a full interior, co*ckpit, and other screen accurate features. LEGO also includes seven minifigures here, highlighted byFinn, Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian, and C-3PO, alongside three others.

Here are some other LEGO Star Wars sets on sale:

May the 4th LEGO deals live on Star Wars dioramas

Amazon today is also discounting thenew LEGO Emperor’s Throne Room Diorama. This set launched last spring and has stayed at the $100 MSRP for most of the time since. Thanks to this Amazon discount, thediorama sells for$79.99 shipped. It’s 20% off and marking a new all-time low – as you’d expect from the first-ever price cut. This 807-piece set celebrates the 40th anniversary ofReturn of the Jediby recreating the epic end to the movie that has Luke confront Darth Vader and the Emperor. You can get a closer look at what to expect from the set inour launch coverage, or just head below as we detail a sale on another new LEGO Star Wars diorama set.

Alongside the Emperor’s Throne Room, the Amazon savings continue over to another one of the latest Star Wars Diorama sets. Thenew Endor Speeder Chase sells for$63.99as it drops in price on Amazon. You’d normally pay $70, with today’s 20% discount marking the second-best offer to date. It dropped $4 below today’s price cut just once before last fall at another retailer in a short-lived sale, but now is starting off the year with some savings attached.

This 608-piece set assembles another iconic scene fromReturn of the Jedi, depicting the speeder chase scene from Endor. It has a pair of tall trees as well as Luke and Leia riding on a speeder chasing after a scout trooper. There’s the same black base we noted above, as well as Episode VI plaque and a printed plate on the front with a quote from Luke. We originally noted how overpriced the set was at launch, butnow at$64this is actually worth considering for your collection.

LEGO Battle Packs go on sale for Army builders

Amazon is now offering the newLEGO Star Wars Clone Trooper and Battle Droid Battle Pack for$23.99with free shipping for Prime members or in orders over $25. This is the first cash discount on the latest battle pack and a new all-time low. It just launched earlier in the year at $30 and is now 20% off and landing as a rare chance to save on one of the more sought-after LEGO Star Wars creations of 2024. Dive intoour launch coverageand then head below for a closer look.

Thenewest LEGO Star Wars Battle Packtakes a different approach to the usual $20 army builders we’ve seen by featuring troops from both factions in the Clone Wars. There are three normal Phase II Clone Troopers as well as a red Shock Trooper for the Republic. Then on the other side, you’ll find two Battle Droids and the grand return of Super Battle Droids with three of the heavy-duty troops.

The set then features 215 pieces which will go towards four different builds – two for each side of the battle. There’s a Tri-Droid that makes up most of the bricks for the CIS troops, and a STAP for one of the droids. Then on the Galactic Republic side, you’ll find a small speeder bike and a barricade with a Stud Shooter. I’m getting vibes from the original 2007 Battle Pack.

There are also a pair of other LEGO Clone Trooper Battle Packs on sale right now at Amazon. Each of the army builder bundles are 20% off and include four Republic troopers alongside some side builds.

Save on LEGO Clone Trooper helmets

Amazon is now offering therecent LEGO Star Wars Commander Cody Helmet for$55.99 shipped. This is down from the usual $70 price tag in order to save you 20%. It’s the best we’ve seen from Amazon, marking one of the first chances to save since launching last spring. It does come within $3 of the all-time low set once before over the holidays, and is the best since the beginning of December. We found it to be one of the better collectible kits from last year inour hands-on review, especially if you’re on a budget – a sentiment that is only made better by today’s sale.

Another rare discount is landing in the LEGO world, with thenew Captain Rex Helmetset droppingdown to that same$55.99sale priceat Amazon. It normally sells for $70, and is currently seeing a 20% off discount for the very first time. So not only is this the first chance to save, it’s also a new all-time low. Launching back in March as part of 2023’s roster of new buildable Star Wars likeness, the Captain Rex helmet was a highlight of the wave inour hands-on review. It stacks up to 854 pieces while assembling a detailed replica of the 501st Legion’s most famous trooper complete with display stand and plaque.

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Best LEGO Star Wars Day deals: Millennium Falcon $136, battle packs, dioramas, more from $7 (2024)


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